Utah Disaster Specialists Offers Sewage Cleanup In Salt Lake City Utah

May 23, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Utah Disaster Specialists provides a range of services, including sewage cleanup Salt Lake City Utah. The company states that any homeowner who has noticed raw sewage leaking into the home needs to understand the severity of this issue and what their options are for removing that sewage.

Daryl Olsen is a spokesperson for the company. He says, “Raw sewage not only smells bad, it can cause serious health issues. Anyone who has noticed raw sewage in their home because of a backed up system or another problem needs to know that removing this sewage is of the utmost importance to protect themselves and their families.”

Olsen says that raw sewage can cause many health issues, particularly in the elderly or children, or in those who already have certain health issues. He states that many consumers believe that simply putting a sump pump in the sewage will adequately remove it, but this is not always the case.

“Sump pumps are used to remove sewage, but anyone who doesn’t know how to effectively remove all of the mess is not likely to do a thorough job,” Olsen says. “The homeowner may be left with sewage that is not seen but will definitely cause an issue down the road.”

Olsen says that the first step in clearing up this problem is to locate the cause of the issue. A professional cleanup company will have the knowledge and experience, as well as the tools and equipment that are necessary to find the exact cause of the problem. Stopping the leakage is necessary in order to ensure that the issue does not recur.

The company states that their team can locate the cause of the problem, which gives the homeowner the opportunity to have that issue repaired so that it does not happen again. Once this is done, Olsen says that the company can come in and begin the cleanup process.

He states that removing items that may have been damaged by the sewage is a necessary part of the cleanup process. Once this is done, the removal of the sewage can begin. He adds that the general consumer will not want to touch the sewage, which is why a professional company should be contacted. Professionals will have the knowledge needed to know how to remove sewage safely without spreading bacteria throughout the home.

Olsen states that the company uses specialized equipment that is designed to remove sewage and the bacteria that it causes, which stops that bacteria from spreading throughout the home. He continues to add that once the sewage is removed, cleaning up walls and floors is a necessary step in order to ensure that no bacteria remain. Once all of the area has been cleaned, the company will sanitize it to ensure that the problem is gone.

Sanitation helps to protect the home by removing any remaining bacteria and it helps to clean up the smell that is often left behind after a sewage leak. A leading septic system or other sewage leak can be messy but it can also be dangerous to the health of those who live in the home. Olsen states that anyone who has noticed an issue with sewage leakage should contact the company immediately in order to get the process started to remove that sewage and make the home safe once again.

Utah Disaster Specialists provides a number of cleanup services for those in and around the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Those who are interested in learning more can visit the company on their official website to get a complete list of their services. The website offers more information about the dangers of sewage leaks as well as the cleanup process. Those in need of a cleanup service can contact the company using their online contact form or reach out to them directly by calling or emailing them at any time during their normal business hours to schedule an inspection or a cleanup.


For more information about Utah Disaster Specialists, contact the company here:

Utah Disaster Specialists
Daryl Olsen
270 West 1450 North Centerville, Utah 84014

ReleaseID: 60028139

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